The Mutual Benefit Impact Marketing Initiative
The non profits in our networks support those affected by Coronavirus

How Brands Can Be a Positive Part of the Dialogue


Brands Helping Communities

The Mutual Benefit Impact Marketing Initiative is built to support our non-profits at the front lines of this pandemic. At the same time, the initiative supports our local and national businesses, helping them stay afloat and minimize the impact of this unprecedented time.

Supporting Those Most Affected

Our cloud-based platform has the ability to track individual play logs, an advanced advertising concept that gives us real-time data and the unprecedented access to perform real-time air-checks against your campaign analytics. Best of all? This completely transparent system results in fewer errors, lower costs, better insights and higher revenue. Talk about being on cloud nine.


Get Your Message Out There

Businesses and their leaders are putting themselves on the front lines to help others. People will remember these brands in moments of need.

This is a critical time. Use this as an opportunity for your brand to reach out to communities and become a positive part of the dialogue.

How We Support Our Clients:

  • 10 Custom Selected NPO’s and 20 Influencers

  • $20 CPM on distribution in social media of charity or charities

  • Minimum reach of 2.5M uniques and 4M impressions

  • Minimum 3x frequency per Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and influencer

  • Social Media and Focus 360’s Jelli Plus Radio Network

  • Custom advertorial unit

  • Dashboard with desired KPI’s

  • 90-day programs


All Outcomes Are Tracked

All promised outcomes (impressions, frequency, etc.) are tracked for your brand’s Non-Profit Organization social media campaign investment. This includes primary, secondary and tertiary impressions on campaigns. Likes, comments and shares are analyzed to track how the sentiment of each campaign is trending. Historically these types of campaigns with the NPO’s CEO and/or spokespeople explaining how the brand is supporting them have incredibly positive sentiment. Sample scripts and sample audio is available.