For over a decade, Focus 360 has been proud to provide our advertising clients with top tier advertising solutions and “A+” service. We know the correct alignment of brands with compelling content is the kind of brand placement that drives ad results. Focus 360 aligns brands with some of the most captivating radio stations as well as absorbing audio and video podcasts. Our radio stations and podcasts feature music, sports and compelling spoken word content. For our creative partners in radio, audio and video, this match with the best industry leading advertisers to local brands helps support their content creation. At the end of the day, if we aren’t helping all of our clients (brands and creators), we aren’t helping ourselves.

Phil Brown
Phil Brown CEO
James Starace VP of Business Operations and Partnerships
Rosanne Tipton SVP of Sales Strategy & Investments
Robbie Eisen Vice President of Planning
Erick Siqueira Director of Client Investments