Provides Agencies and Advertisers with Control & Valuable Real-Time Campaign Analytics

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2013—Focus 360 ( announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Jelli ( that will enable Focus 360 to deploy the Jelli platform, the first cloud-based advertising platform for broadcast radio, to sell and serve advertising on behalf of radio station groups and show producers. 

Focus 360 is a leading media network providing programming, syndication and national advertising sales to thousands of radio stations nationwide. As part of this multi-year agreement, Jelli will be powering Focus 360’s ad network via Jelli’s RadioSpot™ platform, the first time Jelli has worked with a third-party network to power their ad serving and reporting. Focus 360 will deploy the RadioSpot™ platform throughout the Focus 360 network.

Jelli combines the technology of online advertising with the significant reach of broadcast radio, enabling partners like Focus 360 to automate radio advertising. Jelli’s RadioSpot™ platform enables: rapid cloud-based trafficking of radio spots nationwide; integrated, automated ad serving at local affiliates; and real-time reporting of the broadcast ads as they run via an easy-to-use, powerful web-based dashboard. The RadioSpot™ platform delivers significantly increased accountability, measurability and transparency to advertisers and radio networks, leading to fewer errors, lower costs, better insights and higher revenue and cash flow.

To deploy the Jelli Platform, each Focus 360 affiliate integrates a Jelli server at their station. The RadioSpot™ platform reduces the workload of Focus 360 affiliates while simultaneously increasing compliance and control for Focus 360’s advertisers.

Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Focus 360, said, “Jelli’s technology is capable of generating new and incremental national ad dollars, and we are excited about offering it to our existing and future affiliate partners. In addition to streamlining our affiliate operations, Jelli’s platform transforms radio broadcasting into a real-time medium, providing our advertisers increased control, compliance, and campaign analytics on par with the latest digital platforms.” 

Mike Dougherty, Chief Executive Officer, Jelli, said, “Focus 360 is an ideal partner for us as we seek to expand our penetration in terrestrial radio. Together we can help radio better compete for ad share by combining the proven reach of the medium, Focus 360’s great relationships with radio groups and show producers, and Jelli’s powerful ad serving platform and real-time campaign dashboard.”

About Jelli, Inc.

Jelli is the first cloud-based ad platform for the $40 billion global radio market. Our mission is to create the easiest and fastest way to buy and run radio spots. We bring the transparency, accountability and real-time delivery of the web to the offline medium of terrestrial radio. Our patented audio serving platform automates terrestrial radio advertising for advertisers and network operators, reaching millions of listeners weekly and serving billions of ad impressions annually. We are based in San Mateo, California and New York City, and our investors include Relay Ventures, Intel Capital, First Round Capital and several prominent angel investors.

About Focus 360 LLC

Focus 360 provides fully integrated media solutions to advertisers, ad agencies, program producers, content owners and broadcasters.  The New York-based company consists of several divisions offering a range of services, including: general market and Hispanic network radio media representation and content development; digital implementation of geo-targeted display ad campaigns; a “mobile-marketing” team that creates turnkey solutions for connecting listeners to content developers one-on-one; and the Classic Rock Society of America.


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