Bridge Ratings

Custom P1 On-Demand Song Research Is Your Secret Weapon

Looking for that extra something to get an edge in today’s competitive radio landscape? How about relevant, custom data from Bridge Ratings?

Bridge Ratings collects and provides stations with programmer-centric information generated from format P1s in your market. That means your stations will benefit from custom data, not generic regional or market-level data that forgets about your P1 consumption.

With the data Bridge Ratings collects you can:

Other services have data that skews towards the record industry, not your listenership, and isn’t relevant to you or your audience. The custom nature of Bridge Ratings weekly data is proven to make a difference for clients in both cume and daily occasions of tune-in when used regularly. Let Bridge Ratings tap into your listener data to become your secret weapon on the airwaves; a total game changer for a radio programmer.

John Olsen, National Program Director, Summit Media

“In today’s expanding music consumption marketplace, music directors need
research designed for radio programmers.”

John Olsen, National Program Director,

Summit Media