NEW YORK, NY September 23, 2021 – Focus 360 is showing listeners the money with the addition of two national personal finance shows to its growing roster. Real Money Pros and the Jared Dillian Money Minute both announced today that they have tapped Focus 360 for their network advertising and affiliation sales. The programs join Jelli, SportsMap Radio and Sports Byline. as Focus 360 continues its  growth in 2021.

Both Dillian and Real Money Pros speak directly to listeners to guide them through the difficult financial decisions that affect us all.  The Jared Dillian Money Minute is a 60-second daily feature, inclusive of inventory, available Monday through Friday while the Real Money Pros recaps the week each Sunday from 5p-7p ET.

Phil Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Focus360 commented, “As the country continues its climb out of the employment and economic disasters of last year, we wanted to expand our network to help listeners where they need it most…their bank accounts! Jared Dillian and the Real Money Pros have been helping people through tough money issues for years and I am extremely excited to have them join the Focus 360 Financial lineup!”

For more information on how you can get Jared Dillian Money Minute and Real Money Proson your radio station, email Jim Jones at

About Focus 360 LLC

Focus 360 ( provides solutions for advertisers, radio stations and audio producers, with a unique ability to align audio producers with the correct brands.  We connect brands with their target audience, when and where they need to reach them.  Our solutions include our radio and podcast components. Focus 360’s programs include the Jelli cloud-based advertising platform, and representation of Bridge Ratings Song Research, SportsMap Radio, Sports ByLine, Focus On Rock and many more.