Adds 94 Stations in 23 Markets Including in the Top 25 

New York, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, San Antonio, & More 

New York NY – July 13, 2020 — Focus 360 has significantly expanded the reach of its targeted Jelli® networks with 94 newly added stations in 23 markets, including many of the Top 25, such as New York, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, San Antonio, and more.

“We’ve seen a tremendous audience increase with the addition of these stations and markets across our targeted Jelli networks, including Female Focus, Rock Focus, Focus Information, and Focus Sports,” stated Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Focus 360.

Focus 360’s Female Focus Network showed a 52% increase with women 25-54 in the 2nd Quarter over the preceding quarter, and Rock Focus jumped 36% with men in that same age demographic during that same time period.

Focus 360 uses the cloud-based Jelli RadioSpot AdServer platform, which features a collection of cloud-based services. With RadioSpot AdServer and on-premise appliances, Focus 360 and their Jelli network affiliates are able to streamline radio network ad operations. This also allows Focus 360 to track individual play logs, an advanced advertising concept that gives us real-time data and the unprecedented access to perform real-time air-checks against advertiser campaign analytics. 

About Focus 360 LLC

Focus 360 ( provides solutions for advertisers, radio stations and audio producers, with a unique ability to align audio producers with the correct brands.  We connect brands with their target audience, when and where they need to reach them.  Our solutions include our radio and podcast components. Focus 360’s programs include the Jelli cloud-based advertising platform, and representation of Bridge Ratings Song Research, SB Nation, Sports ByLine, Lipstick & Vinyl podcasts, Focus On Rock and many more.

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